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Scribe now offers Clinical Documentation Improvement Consulting!

Does your patient documentation accurately support your billing and coding? Are you properly reimbursed for the levels of service you provide? Are you ready for ICD-10? Scribe can assist you in evaluating and improving your documentation to increase revenues and streamline your workflow.

Attend Scribe is offering a FREE clinical documentation assessment to make sure your current processes are correct and to begin modifying your procedures for ICD-10. Register for our FREE clinical documentation assessment today!


Go Mobile with Scribe!

Dictate, review reports and email all types of reports anywhere, anytime. Scribe offers a dictation application for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and a mobile editor to manage your patient documentation by simply logging in!



Surgi Centers

Scribe develops a unique and customized EHR Interface to consolidate patient documentation

The integration team at Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc. has successfully completed hundreds of integrations, working with the full gamut of Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record (EMR/EHR) systems, but none to date have offered the uniqueness of a recent project.


New Clinical Documentation Information (CDI) White Paper

Scribe’s newly released White Paper, “Today’s Transcription Pendulum: Does Your Documentation Support Your Billing?” explores issues and solutions to improving clinical documentation while increasing reimbursements. Download the white paper to learn more about solutions to achieving accurate patient documentation and bolstering your bottom lines.


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